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Work in CUMULUS issue 1

I have a 4-page prosoid called “Only means so much” in the first issue of CUMULUS magazine, based in Edinburgh and edited by Dominic Hale and Katy Lewis Hood.  Other contributors are Denise Riley, Imogen Cassels, Pratyusha, Daisy Lafarge, Alex Grafen, Lila Matsumoto, Dan Eltringham, Sarah Crewe and William Fuller. 36 page, digital print, edition of 100. £2.50 + 50p postage in UK.



Vile Products anthology, 2013

Here’s a pdf of the 2013 Vile Products anthology of tributes to the late Margaret Thatcher, edited by Samantha Walton.  It includes one by me, made by pasting the contents of the BBC live news feed, and the lyrics to “Blind Man’s Penis” by John Trubee and the Geeks, into a Travesty engine several times over, and hacking the results down (a little).