Online Poetry Magazines

Quite a few of these are no longer updated, but the contents are still online and useful…

  • Angel Exhaust magazine – archive of several back issues. See also editor Andrew Duncan’s main site
  • The Argotist Online – poetry journal edited by Jeffrey Side.
  • Beehive – Hypertext/Hypermedia Literary Journal, edited by Talan Memmott.
  • Big Bridge – a webzine of poetry and other work, edited by Michael Rothenberg.
  • The Brooklyn Rail – critical perspectives on arts, politics and culture.
  • cauldron & net – a journal of the arts and new media.
  • A Chide’s Alphabet – webzine edited by David Bircumshaw.
  • Coconut – really beautifully-made poetry journal, edited by Bruce Covey.
  • CrossConnect – magazine associated with the Kelly Writers House, edited by David E. Deifer.
  • Crossways – a new magazine based in Cork, edited by David Jordan.
  • dancehall – Glasgow-based art, literature and music journal.
  • Datableed – Experimental online poetry zine edited by Eleanor Perry and Juha Virtanen.
  • Dusie – Based in Switzerland, publishing modern poetry and poetics.
  • The East Village – edited from Japan by Jack Kimball & Mark DuCharme.
  • EOAGH – a journal of the arts, edited by Tim Peterson.
  • Flashpoint – “a multidisciplinary magazine in the arts and politics”, edited by Joe Brennan and Carlo Parcelli.
  • Free Verse – a bi-annual journal of contemporary poetry and poetics, edited by Jon Thompson.
  • Glossator – commentaries, glosses and marginalia.
  • Great Works – a site for innovative writing: modernist, postmodernist, archaic; edited by Peter Philpott.
  • Green Integer Review – Edited by Douglas Messerli.
  • HOW2 – online journal edited by Kate Fagan and Redell Olsen, exploring non-traditional directions in poetry and scholarship by women.
  • Intercapillary Space – A Collective Poetry Blogzine of multiple formed matters.
  • Jacket2 – new version of the pionering internet poetry journal (the archives of the original magazine, edited by John Tranter, are still accessible).
  • Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry.
  • LVNG – download .pdf files of this Chicago-based little magazine, edited by Joel Felix, Michael O’Leary, & Peter O’Leary.
  • Markings – a Scottish literary magazine based in Dumfries and Galloway, plus information on events at The Bakehouse.
  • Masthead – a literary arts magazine edited from Australia by Alison Croggon.
  • Moria – a poetry journal, edited by William Allegrezza.
  • nthposition – online magazine/ezine with politics & opinion, travel writing, fiction & poetry, reviews & interviews.
  • Octopus Magazine – an online poetry magazine named after a sea creature that is intelligent, lives in dens, and uses ink as a defense mechanism. Edited by Zachary Schomburg.
  • onedit – online magazine edited by Tim Atkins and Thomas Evans.
  • Openned – a web magazine, blog and London-based reading series, edited by Alex Davies and Steve Willey.
  • Oyster Boy Review – a magazine of poetry, reviews and fiction, edited by Damon Sauve.
  • Pages – a blogzine of investigative, exploratory, avant-garde, innovative poetry and poetics, edited by Robert Sheppard.
  • Poetry Review – a website for the print-based journal of the Poetry Society.
  • PORES – an avant-gardist journal of poetics research, edited from Birkbeck College, London by Will Rowe.
  • The Possum Pouch – an irregular publication of essays, notes and reviews.
  • QUID – some .pdf files of back issues of the excellent little magazine, edited by Keston Sutherland.
  • Rain Taxi – online edition of the print-based review, edited from Minneapolis.
  • Readme – an online journal of poetics, edited by Gary Sullivan. Many author links.
  • RECONFIGURATIONS – A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture, edited by Scott Howard.
  • Return to Default – a poetry magazine edited by Jimmy Cummins, Sarah Hayden and Rachel Warriner.
  • Riding the Meridian – magazine of web-art, visual poetry & “Lit [art] ure”, edited by Jennifer Ley.
  • Shadow Train – a journal of new poetry, edited by Ian Seed.
  • Signals Magazine – a magazine of contemporary poetry.
  • Slope – a magazine of new writing, edited by Ethan Paquin.
  • Stride Magazine – online version of the former print journal, edited by Rupert M. Loydell.
  • Sugar Mule – a literary magazine with eccentric Buddhist leanings, edited by M.L. Weber.
  • W – literary magazine edited from the Kootenay School of Writing in Vancouver.
  • WORD/for word – a journal of new writing, edited by Jonathan Minton.
  • xStream – an experimental poetry magazine, edited by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. Each issue is published in both a regular and a computer-generated version.
  • Ygdrasil – a journal of the poetic arts, edited by Klaus Gerken.
  • Zombie Logic Review – publishing dadaist, surrealist, Outsider, and Outlaw poetry, edited by Thomas L. Vaultonburg.

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