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Vile Products anthology, 2013

Here’s a pdf of the 2013 Vile Products anthology of tributes to the late Margaret Thatcher, edited by Samantha Walton.  It includes one by me, made by pasting the contents of the BBC live news feed, and the lyrics to “Blind Man’s Penis” by John Trubee and the Geeks, into a Travesty engine several times over, and hacking the results down (a little).

“The Retreat” by Paul van Ostaijen

Maybe ten years ago, I took part in an attempt (organised by Karlien van den Beukel) to make a group translation of the book Bezette Stad, by the Belgian poet Paul van Ostaijen.  I just found the section I translated, “The Retreat” (“De Aftocht”).  I don’t know Flemish at all, and was working from bilingual dictionaries, two years of school German and a lot of help from Karlien.  The original typography is much more complex and multi-directional — I only gestured at it, hoping someone would be able to reset the poem later.

Here’s my pdf of “The Retreat”

and here’s a link to a set of page scans of Bezette Stad (“De Aftocht” starts on p. 135).