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Victor Hugo translation in Erotoplasty

I have a translation of Victor Hugo’s poem Et Nox Facta Est in the first issue of the pdf journal Erotoplasty, edited from Seoul by Colin Lee Marshall.  Many thanks to Colin.


Work in CUMULUS issue 1

I have a 4-page prosoid called “Only means so much” in the first issue of CUMULUS magazine, based in Edinburgh and edited by Dominic Hale and Katy Lewis Hood.  Other contributors are Denise Riley, Imogen Cassels, Pratyusha, Daisy Lafarge, Alex Grafen, Lila Matsumoto, Dan Eltringham, Sarah Crewe and William Fuller. 36 page, digital print, edition of 100. £2.50 + 50p postage in UK.

[edit 17th March: the issue is out of print, but available for free download here:]