Poems of Frank Rupture

Now available from Sancho Panza Press:

Poems of Frank Rupture
by Peter Manson

Poems of Frank Rupture, by Peter Manson

Poems of Frank Rupture

ISBN 978-1-910501-01-6.  112pp.  October 2014.

£8 per copy
£11 inc. p&p within the UK
£15 inc. p&p rest of the world, including the USA, Canada and Australia.


  • My Funeral
  • The Baffle Stage
  • Sourdough Mutation
  • Fragments of a Narcissus
  • Untitled (“The place I’m living in…”)

For ordering information and a sample poem, visit the Sancho Panza website.

Thanks to Sara Crangle, Sam Ladkin and Andrea Evangelista.

Reviewed by Greg Thomas in issue #6 of Hix Eros.
Reviewed by David Wheatley in issue 115 of the print-only journal Poetry Ireland Review.

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