For the Good of Liars


For the Good of Liars

A book of poems, collecting work written between 1993 and 2005. 66pp A5 perfectbound, May 2006. ISBN 1-903488-44-3. Cover painting by Mandy Ure.

Available from Barque Press.

Read a review by Melissa Flores-Bórquez at Intercapillary Space.

Read a review by Rufo Quintavale at nthposition online magazine.

Read a review by Richard Price from Painted, spoken magazine.

Sample poem:

Birth Windows

When Borso d’Este (below) died of malaria
inexact words were mined, and the block lightened
in tumbling. Down. A reversal of tuna
on stun, sighs. O mother of nacre

chipping the baby away to disclose seeds of rock
is it not thus and through this the fearful alter
id should establish kinship in across?

Mine is the one that mirrors the one that alters

the screw-pine, pandanus or breast/fruit symbol
tamed in the body of which I arrange transfer
of liquids.
Cupping, I rearrange water.
I saw you expecting me.

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