Between Cup and Lip


Between Cup and Lip

A book of poems, visuals and prose written between 1990 and 2007. 81pp perfectbound, May 2008. ISBN 978-1-4243-3110-9.

Available from Miami University Press, Oxford, Ohio, USA.

Ordering links: (cheapest options are usually under “Used and new”)
The Book Depository (UK)
Small Press Distribution

Read a review of Between Cup and Lip by Adam Piette, from Black Box Manifold.

Sample poem:

Two lychee seedlings

One arose shaped by unforeseen checks
the odd leaf curled by red spider I never see
in this dry house flee from a simple dusting of water
the first adult pair irrecoverably scorched
the topmost leaflet fallen, petiole still green
above the unrolling copper threatened by silk
at the growing point.
One is as yet a root,
it has lifted the stone half-clear of earth
the shoot grown into itself in the fork of the loop
sent down from retained seed-leaves
by repeated false starts is slowed to a red wooden knot
still green and white at the base
where side roots make light
of each broken tip.

i.m. Ralph J. Mills, Jr.

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