The Marrying of Hérodiade, a booklet of scenes and fragments from the unfinished mystery play “Les noces d’Hérodiade” by Stéphane Mallarmé, translated by Peter Manson.  Boise, Idaho: Free Poetry, February 2016.  31pp A5.  All booklets in the Free Poetry series are issued free of charge and without copyright, and the editor encourages the reproduction of this chapbook and its free distribution ad infinitum. [note 9th March 2016: I’ve run out of copies from the batch I took home from Idaho, but will post here soon with details of how to obtain the booklet in UK/Europe.  Enquiries in North America and elsewhere should be sent to Martin Corless-Smith, mcsmith {at} boisestate {d0t} edu].

English in Mallarmé.  A new print edition of the book first published as a .pdf on /ubu editions.  Available from Blart Books, November 2014.  84pp.  ISBN 978-1-326-06629-1.

Poems of Frank Rupture.  Available from Sancho Panza Press, October 2014.  116pp.  ISBN 978-1-910501-01-6.

Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse, translated by Peter Manson.  Miami University Press, February 2012. 288pp. ISBN 978-1-881163-50-3.

Adjunct: an Undigest, second edition available from Barque Press, July 2009. 120pp A5. ISBN 1-903488-66-4.  A CD recording of extracts from Adjunct, read by Peter Manson, is also available from Stem Recordings.

Between Cup and LipMiami University Press, May 2008. 81pp. ISBN 978-1-4243-3110-9.

CQ Holyland.  A free pdf ebook from 2007.

For the Good of LiarsBarque Press, May 2006. 66pp. ISBN 1-903488-44-3. [Out of print].

Before and After Mallarmé, Survivors’ Press, Glasgow 2005. 20pp booklet of translations [Out of print].

Renga +, Reality Street, 2002. (includes “Two Renga”, collaborations between Peter Manson and Elizabeth James, as well as work by Christine Kennedy and Guy Barker). 58pp [Out of print, though a few copies may still be available from Small Press Distribution].

Birth Windows, Barque Press 1999.  24pp booklet of poems [Out of print].

me generation, Writers Forum 1997.  20pp booklet of unclassified verbal and visual work [Out of print, but page scans available here].

iter atur e, Writers Forum 1995.  32pp booklet of computer-generated black and white visuals [Out of print].


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