Darkness: Early poems of Théophile Gautier, translated by Peter Manson.  32pp A5 stapled.  Self-published on, November 2018.

WINDSUCKERS & ONSETTERS: SONNOTS for Griffiths.  A collaborative booklet by Peter Manson and Mendoza, published by Materials, August 2018.

Factitious airs.  A booklet of poems published by Zarf editions, November 2016.

The Marrying of Hérodiade, a booklet of scenes and fragments from the unfinished mystery play “Les noces d’Hérodiade” by Stéphane Mallarmé, translated by Peter Manson.  Boise, Idaho: Free Poetry, February 2016.  31pp A5. [Out of print].

English in Mallarmé.  A new print edition of the book first published as a .pdf on /ubu editions.  Available from Blart Books, November 2014.  84pp.  ISBN 978-1-326-06629-1.

Poems of Frank Rupture.  Available from Sancho Panza Press, October 2014.  116pp.  ISBN 978-1-910501-01-6.

Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse, translated by Peter Manson.  Miami University Press, February 2012. 288pp. ISBN 978-1-881163-50-3.

Adjunct: an Undigest, second edition available from Barque Press, July 2009. 120pp A5. ISBN 1-903488-66-4.  A CD recording of extracts from Adjunct, read by Peter Manson, is also available from Stem Recordings.

Between Cup and LipMiami University Press, May 2008. 81pp. ISBN 978-1-4243-3110-9.

CQ Holyland.  A free pdf ebook from 2007.

For the Good of LiarsBarque Press, May 2006. 66pp. ISBN 1-903488-44-3.

Before and After Mallarmé, Survivors’ Press, Glasgow 2005. 20pp booklet of translations [Out of print].

Renga +, Reality Street, 2002. (includes “Two Renga”, collaborations between Peter Manson and Elizabeth James, as well as work by Christine Kennedy and Guy Barker). 58pp [Out of print, though a few copies may still be available from Small Press Distribution].

Birth Windows, Barque Press 1999.  24pp booklet of poems [Out of print].

me generation, Writers Forum 1997.  20pp booklet of unclassified verbal and visual work [Out of print, but page scans available here].

iter atur e, Writers Forum 1995.  32pp booklet of computer-generated black and white visuals [Out of print].

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