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Last updated 8th March 2021.



  • A translation of “Monologue d’un faune” by Stéphane Mallarmé in the new Decadence and Translation issue (Volume 3, Issue 2, Winter 2020) of the journal Volupté. Thanks to editors Matthew Creasy, Stefano Evangelista, Jane Desmarais, Alice Condé and Jessica Gossling.
  • A translation of Mallarmé’s early story “Ce que disaient les trois cigognes” (“What the three storks were saying“) in issue 7 of the online journal Seedings, edited by Jerrold Shiroma.
  • Five translations of quatrains written on paper fans by Stéphane Mallarmé in issue 14 of Zarf magazine, edited by Callie Gardner.
  • My sequence Threshold Ballads is now available as issue 2 of Larry Yount magazine.  Thanks to Jonathan Gorman, Mark Francis Johnson, and Andy Martrich.


  • Five pages of my translations from Mallarmé’s Vers de circonstance included in issue 3 of the journal MOTE, edited by Dominic Hale. dhale [at] ed [døt] ac [døt] uk for enquiries/pdf.
  • Selections from my Sharing Little Sparta blog posts included in Volume 2 of the anthology The End of the World Project, edited by Richard Lopez, John Bloomberg-Rissman and T.C. Marshall.  Free pdfs available from Moria (scroll way down to the bottom of the page); paper copies can be ordered through


  • Darkness, a Lulu pamphlet of my translations of early poems by Théophile Gautier.
  • A poem from 1995, “from the language of Veronica Forrest-Thomson”, in issue 12 of ZARF magazine.
  • A short poem, “In the storm”, translated from Théophile Gautier, in issue 8 (“Cruise Liner”) of SPAM zine.
  • Four poems translated from Mallarmé (“…Mysticis umbraculis”, “Sonnet to Valère Gille”, “Macabre Gallantry” and “The Prodigal Son”), a poem translated from Verlaine (“Hour of the Shepherd”) and an untitled poem by me in Mote 1, ed. Dominic Hale, Maria Sledmere and Ryan Edwards (Edinburgh, July 2018).
  • Selections from the sequence WINDSUCKERS & ONSETTERS: SONNOTS for Griffiths, by Peter Manson and Mendoza, in issue 5 of para·text magazine, edited by Laura Elliott and Angus Sinclair.
  • Two poems, “1/ still life in the yolk” and “14.5.17 (for John Hall)” in volume 9, issue 1 of Causeway / Cabhsair, ed. Oliver Tong and Lily Greenall.
  • A translation of Victor Hugo’s poem “Et Nox Facta Est”, in the first issue of Erotoplasty, ed. Colin Lee Marshall.
  • A poem, “To Peter Manson”, in the anthology The Caught Habits of Language: An Entertainment For W.S. Graham for Him Having Reached One Hundred, ed. Rachael Boast, Andy Ching and Nathan Hamilton.  Donut Press, 2018.


  • A four-page prosoid, “Only means so much”, in issue 1 of CUMULUS, ed. Dominic Hale and Katy Lewis Hood.
  • A poem, “A Frog in Air Produced from Cherries”, published as part of PEEPSFEST, a festschrift for Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/Mendoza, edited by Sarah Crewe and Pascal O’Loughlin.


  • Two poems from the sequence Threshold Ballads, “Earl Brand” and “The Whummil Bore”, on a CD published as issue 6 of ZARF magazine, edited by Calum Gardner.
  • A poem opening with the line “to gang yer lane” in the booklet Along Huff Lane, made by Thomas A. Clark as part of his Sharing Little Sparta residency.  Moschatel Press, 2016.
  • A poem, “Gee, geese”, in face down in the book of revelations: for Peter Hughes on his 60th birthday, edited by Lynn Hughes.  Oystercatcher Press, 2016.
  • The Marrying of Hérodiade, a booklet of scenes and fragments from the unfinished mystery play “Les noces d’Hérodiade” by Stéphane Mallarmé, translated by Peter Manson.  Boise, Idaho: Free Poetry, February 2016.  31pp A5.


  • “Nine niners (for Linus Slug)” in Yule Log, edited by D. Grundy (Cambridge, December 2015).
  • Nine short poems forming half of a double-sided broadside (shared with Linus Slug), published by ninerrors, London 2015.  Poems originally written for a Manson/Slug reading at the University of Sheffield series “the science of poetry / the poetry of science” in May 2015.
  • Two poems, “Time comes for you” and “Amen Dunes”, in issue 14 (Spring 2015) of Blackbox Manifold.


  •  A review of Stephen Emmerson’s book, Comfortable Knives, on the Sandpaper website.


  • Untitled poem (a.k.a. “Too soon”), in the Vile Products anthology of poems for the late Margaret Thatcher, ed. Samantha Walton (Syndicate/Sad Press 2013).
  • Two extracts from “Sungrazer” in issue 2 of No Prizes, edited by Ian Heames (June 2013).
  • Prologue to “Sungrazer”, in issue 4 of Antiphon.


  • A very short fiction, “The Fifth Bee Gee”, in the iPhone/iPad app Quick Fictions (The collection rated 12+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes; Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content or Nudity; Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence; Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humour; Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug Use or References to these; Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes; Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence).  Wai Wai Pang has made an excellent animated video to go with the piece.
  • Two poems, “raven A” and “falling awake” published in number 4 of halfcircle, ed. Tom Graham.


  • Ten poems from the sequence “Sourdough Mutation” published in number 21 of “Painted, spoken” (ed. Richard Price – for more back issues, see here).
  • Seven poems from the sequence “Sourdough Mutation” in The Other Room Anthology 2010/11. £6 inc. postage in UK, £7 overseas.
  • Extracts from the sequence “Sourdough Mutation” in issue 2 of Dancehall magazine.


  • Five poems translated from Mallarmé in issue 55:2 of Chicago Review.
  • A translation of some extracts from “The Marrying of Hérodiade: Mystery” by Stéphane Mallarmé in Cambridge Literary Review, Volume 1, no. 3.


  • A translation of Stéphane Mallarmé’s “L’Après-midi d’un favne” published in Translation Ireland, Volume 18, number 1.
  • “Plant names for Eck Finlay”, “An Interrogation” and some poems from “Sourdough Mutation” at The Argotist Online.
  • A new edition of my prose book “Adjunct: an Undigest” has been published by Barque Press.
  • A poem (“Third Pastoral”) and two prose pieces (“The place I’m living in…” and “My Funeral”) in issue one of Cleaves Journal.
  • Another extract from “The Baffle Stage” in issue four of Spine (link to copy on The Wayback Machine).


  • Four poems, “Switch for Breathing”, “Ma Jolie (1911-12)”, “There’s a Carnivore in Heaven” and “Between Cup and Lip”, in the anthology The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (Hastings, Reality Street Editions 2008).
  • Two poems translated from Mallarmé, in Black Box Manifold issue one, Sheffield, July 2008.
  • Two poems translated from Mallarmé, in Axolotl issue one, Cambridge, June 2008.
  • “Scene: Hérodiade” (from Mallarmé) in Plantarchy issue 4.
  • Three poems and some translations from Mallarmé in Free Verse magazine.
  • Three poems translated from Mallarmé in Reconfigurations: a Journal for Poetics and Poetry / Literature and Culture.


  • “Hold That Golem”, an interview between Peter Manson and Tim Allen, in the book Don’t Start Me Talking: Interviews With Contemporary Poets, eds. Tim Allen and Andrew Duncan, Salt Publishing 2007.
  • Poems, prose, translations and a book review: “Depressions Gone From Me Blues”, “Uncle Dave Macon”, “Saut Crapaud”, “Remembrance of Belgian Friends” (from Mallarmé), “Ancient Overture of Herodiade” (from Mallarmé), “Neither Waving Nor Drowning” and a review of “There Are Words” by Gael Turnbull in the British Poetry issue of Chicago Review (53:1).  [Available online at].
  • Two poems, “Glasgow Coma Score” and “Neither Waving Nor Drowning” in issue 19 of Angel Exhaust magazine (both poems already collected in For the Good of Liars).


  • Birch Birch Birch, a short essay on J.H. Prynne’s “rune poem”, in QUID 17, A festschrift in celebration of the 70th Birthday of J. H. Prynne.


  • Best Scottish Poems 2005. Poem, For January, with commentary by Peter Manson and Richard Price.
  • Acton magazine No. 1, July 2005. Two poems, “Hymn to Light” and “Poem (“At the end of fear…”)”
  • Before and After Mallarmé, Survivors’ Press, Glasgow : a 20-page booklet of Peter Manson’s translations and adaptations from the poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé.
  • Action Poétique No. 179, Ivry-sur-Seine 2005. Four poems, “Veuves et orphelins (fragment rhétorique)”, “Saignement de nez”, “Fenêtres de naissance” and “1943, les mains du chat”, translated into French by éric Suchère as part of the feature “Angleterre, 7 poétes”, ed. Jérôme Game. Action Poétique, Ivry-sur-Seine.
  • He’s Asked For Size Ten Arial On This One & It Goes Over The Edge A Bit But If It’s Size Ten Arial He Wants It’s Size Ten Arial He’s Getting No. 1, London 2005. Poem, “For January”.
  • Poetry Review Vol. 94, No. 4, Winter 2004/5. Review of Tom Leonard, access to the silence.


  • Kenneth Goldsmith (ed.), The Agents of Impurity, Sonic Arts Network, London 2004. Booklet with CD (booklet contains two pages from Adjunct: an Undigest).
  • nomad No. 19, Glasgow 2004. Poem: “A Funeral in Sense” (for Tom Leonard).
  • Nate Dorward (ed.), Onsets: a Breviary (Synopticon?) of Poems 13 Lines or UnderThe Gig, Willowdale Ontario, May 2004, poem: “Bolus of Rhubarb and Mercury”.
  • Quid No. 12, Cambridge 2004, poem: “Between Cup and Lip”.


  • The Paper No 7, November 2003. Review of Maggie O’Sullivan, Palace of Reptiles.
  • Northwords No. 32, Autumn 2003. Review of Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Selected Poems and Lighter Than Air.
  • Poetry Review Vol. 93, No. 2, Summer 2003. Review of Ciaran Carson, Forgotten Cities and Justin Quinn, Fuselage.
  • Poetry Review Vol. 93, No. 1, Spring 2003. Review of David Kinloch, Un Tour d’Ecosse.
  • quic_ lude No. 1, March 2003, poem: “A Bird Sings” (from Apollinaire).
  • Northwords No. 31, Spring 2003. Essay: “Let It Be“.


  • The Alterran Poetry Assemblage Version 7.0, December 2002, poem: “Birth Windows Travesty”.
  • David Connearn, Hours, WAX366, Glasgow 2002. Peter Manson contributes untitled poem (“For the first part of this moment”).
  • The Gig No.11, Willowdale ON, June 2002, review of Andrew Duncan, Anxiety Before Entering a Room: Selected Poems 1977-99.
  • Rosebud, A3 folded card. Form Books, April 2002.
  • Northwords No. 28, Dingwall, April 2002. Review of The Sonnets by Ted Berrigan (Penguin Books 2000).
  • Two Renga (collaborations between Elizabeth James and Peter Manson), in RENGA +Reality Street Editions, London 2002. This is the fourth RSE 4pack (four poets to a volume), and also includes a poetic text by installation artist Christine Kennedy and a lyric sequence by Guy Barker.


  • Quid No. 8, Cambridge 2001, poem: “Envoy”.
  • Northwords No. 27, Dingwall, November 2001. Review of The Order of Things: an anthology of Scottish sound, pattern and concrete poems.
  • Painted, spoken No. 2, Staines, August 2001, poem: “Semper Augustus”.
  • UbuWeb published the complete text of my book Adjunct: an Undigest. This version has a fully-linked index of names cited: follow the “index” link at the end of the main text. [now offline].
  • The Gig No.8, Willowdale ON, April 2001, pp.27-33, “The Dag Hammarskiold Postal Convenience Center”.


  • Adrian Clarke and Lawrence Upton (eds.), for Bob Cobbing, Mainstream Poetry, London, September 2000. Fractal/photomontage visual, “Man-Machine Interface”, for Bob (dated 23 June 2000).
  • Nicholas Johnson (ed.), FOIL: defining poetry 1985-2000etruscan books, Buckfastleigh 2000, pp.120-123, three poems: “The Ice Skaters”, “Summer Sadness (from Mallarmé)” and “Sarin Canasta”.


  • Angel Exhaust No.16, London, January 1999, pp.82-84, poem: “Lancer’s Gap”.
  • The Gig No.2, Willowdale ON, March 1999, pp.6-8, three poems: “Four Darks in Red”, “In Vitro” and “Roches Moutonnées”.
  • Oasis No.96, London, May 1999, Untitled fractal visual on cover.
  • Birth WindowsBarque Press, Cambridge 1999. A booklet of poems.


  • Gare du Nord Vol. 2/1, Paris 1998, p.32, poem: “The Tomb of Charles Baudelaire(from Mallarmé)”.
  • Bob Cobbing and Lawrence Upton (eds.), Word Score Utterance Choreography, Writers Forum, London 1998, poem: “Hats”, index of references to the poem, half-page prose statement and two untitled fractal visuals.
  • AND No.10, Writers Forum, London, September 1998, 3-page extract from “Adjunct: an Undigest“.
  • Sub Voicive Poetry, London 1998 # 17, two photomontage visuals.
  • Oasis No. 89, London, March 1998, four poems: “Birth Windows”, “Nosebleed”, “1943, Cat’s Hands” and “Memories (of Apollinaire)”


  • Sub Voicive Poetry, London 1997 # 4, two untitled fractal visuals on covers.
  • Comparative Criticism No.19, Cambridge 1997, p.39, poem: “12th July 1992” included in “From the ‘Debatable lands’: a selection of contemporary Scottish Poetry” ed. David Kinloch.
  • Sub Voicive Poetry, London 1997 # 9, two untitled fractal visuals on covers.
  • First Offense No.11, Canterbury, Winter 1997, pp.30-33, three poems: “Gray Squirrel”, “Sarin Canasta” and “BALL RACE”.
  • Crayon No.1 (Festschrift for Jackson Mac Low’s 75th Birthday), New York 1997, p.210, Untitled fractal visual.
  • me generation, Writers Forum, London 1997. A booklet of unclassified verbal and visual work.
  • Sub Voicive Poetry, London 1997 # 12, one page of small press review/lisitings published under the title “Perec Banjo Cement” (anag.)
  • Sub Voicive Poetry, London 1997 # 13, one page of review/listings as per #12.


  • Terrible Work, (number? date?), Plymouth ?1996, poem: “The Gathering Among”.
  • Sub Voicive Poetry programme, London, 26th March 1996. Six pages of visual and verbal work, including material derived from “Adjunct: an Undigest“, poems: “Twenty for Baselitz’s 45”, “The Process”, (untitled), “Up”, poem 5 from “Erratic Heater” and a visual treatment of “The Liver (for Arshile Gorky)”, published on the evening of PM’s Sub Voicive reading with Barry MacSweeney.
  • shearsman, second series, No.29, Macau 1996, pp.11-12, translation of two Mallarmé sonnets, “Renewal” and “Summer Sadness”, under the title “Bad Suns (from Mallarmé)”.
  • Southfields No.2, London (date?), two-page extract from “Adjunct: an Undigest“, five fractal visuals and one-paragraph statement about the visuals, plus a two-page review of “Penniless Politics” by Douglas Oliver.
  • Angel Exhaust No.13, London, Spring 1996, pp.43-45, poem: “Widows and Orphans”.
  • Rosebud, 30 (approx) stapled offprints of a text based on the recursive inflation of a quotation from Robert Herrick using dictionary definitions, distributed for 11th May 1996
  • Parataxis No.8/9, Brighton 1996, p.116, poem: “From an Abandoned Adaptation of the Old English Wanderer“.
  • Oasis No.81, London, November 1996, Untitled fractal visual on cover.
  • First Offense No.10, Canterbury, Winter 1996, pp.27-28, two-page extract from “Adjunct: an Undigest“.


  • Pages 282-300, London 1995, one page prose response to “Nuraghic Echoes” by Hazel Smith.
  • iter atur e, Writers Forum, London 1995. A booklet of 28 fractal visuals.
  • Hayden Murphy, Bermuda Triangles – A Sequence of Poems on Impacting Farewells, Edinburgh, 50 copies printed for Bloomsday 1995. Peter Manson contributes six fractal visuals.
  • Oasis No.74, London, September 1995, Untitled fractal visual on cover.
  • Oasis No.75, London, November 1995, sequence of eleven short poems: “Microtome”.
  • Generator No.7, Vol.2, Cleveland OH, December 1995, Three fractal visuals and a covering letter.
  • AND No.9, Writers Forum, London 1995, sequence of 6 poems: “Erratic Heater”.


  • Epoch No.5, Montrose, March 1994, p.6, four poems: “Gin a Flatworm”, “Vi(v)a”, “Strange Meeting” and “The Poem Which Was Written for Her”.
  • Mirage #4 Period(ical) No.34, San Francisco CA, September 1994, four poems: “Listening to John Cage’s Twenty-Eight“, “Hoi How Come”, “Serial Drunken Boat Fragment” and “Perma Sonnet”.
  • AND No.8, Writers Forum, London, December 1994, five fractal visuals: “Fractal: Exploding Head”, “Fractal: Sinister Presence”, “Fractal: Bad Day”, “Totem Fractal” and “Find-the Fractal”.


  • Verse Vol 10, No.2, St. Andrews, Summer 1993, p.69, poem: “Superstring Theory.”
  • Poetry Now Regional Anthology (Scotland, 1993) [actually Peterborough], p.159, poem: “Linguist”.
  • Northwords, Ullapool, (number? date?), two poems, “Muse” and “Et in Arcadia Ego”.


  • Understanding, no.4, Edinburgh 1992, p.37, poem: “The Beautiful Vessel (after Magritte)”.
  • Spring Collection, Arrival Press, Peterborough 1992, p.86, poem: “Iceman”.
  • Northlight No.5, Glasgow, November 1992, p.28, poem: “Neck Verse”.


  • Northlight No.2, Glasgow, June 1991, p.22, poem: “Cuchulain Suffocated”.

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