Oats at 2 o’clock


Stonypath from the 6 inch OS map of Lanarkshire (Sheet 21, surveyed 1859, published 1864), showing mill dam and thrashing mill.



From A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, and of the Islands in the British Seas, vol 1.  London: Nicol, 1813.



From The New Statistical Account of Scotland, vol VI (Lanark).  Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1845.



From the Glasgow Herald, 18 December 1854.  Mr James McDonald of Stonypath contributes 5 shillings to the Royal Patriotic Fund for the Crimean War.



From the Glasgow Herald, 17 October 1861, notice of a land improvement loan for Stonypath.



From the Hamilton Advertiser, 18 April 1863: Stonypath farm to let.  Railway coming soon.



From the Hamilton Advertiser, 19 September 1863, sale of oats at Stonypath.



From the Hamilton Advertiser, 3 October 1863, Stonypath farm to let.



From the Hamilton Advertiser, 30 April 1864, Displenishing sale of farm stock at Stonypath.



From the Hamilton Advertiser, 2 April 1870, two-bodied rabbit born at Stonypath.



From Transactions of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, vol 3 (1881), notice of a donation to the Society by Mr. James Graham of Stonypath.



Stonypath from the 6 inch OS map of Lanarkshire (Sheet 21, revised 1896, published 1899), still showing mill dam.



Stonypath from the 6 inch OS map of Lanarkshire (Sheet 21, revised 1910, published 1912).  Mill pond seems to have gone.

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