Monthly Archives: May 2015


Crassulacean anthology wars
he shouted Watch my kind of mirror
black body albedo of zero
involuntary periwig out
Maggie in again alas shake it
yellowish whitish fattened swollen
Ancroft Street morning not coming down
they remembered my last thought best thought
flying for cover in iron lids

May/June readings in Glasgow and London

Two readings coming up soon:

Tuesday 26th May 2015: reading with Calum Rodger at the University of Glasgow 4th International Post-Graduate Arts and Humanities Conference.  8pm at the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club, opposite main gate on University Avenue.   Free entry.

Wednesday 3rd June 2015: reading with Martin Corless-Smith at Xing the Line, The Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant, Clerkenwell, London WC1X 2AE.  6.30pm, £5 or £3 entrance.  Facebook page here.