A reunion of actors from Only Fools and Horses is taking place in a pub: Del Boy jokes to Rodney that he has placed a “not in” sign outside the pub to keep them all at bay, but the other actors are approaching anyway. As Trigger arrives, he is joined by some actors from Coronation Street, followed by the entire current cast and every former character, including ones who died, either as characters or in real life. Crowds of people are converging on the pub in bright daylight, including grown-up versions of characters who died as children, rejoicing in their unfamiliar adulthood. Someone recognises and greets Tony Warren, and Ken Barlow approaches and greets him warmly. An elderly actress who at first seems to have Alzheimer’s and to have had a stroke, walks in, smiling and confused. As I look at her, she becomes a beautiful, young, red-haired smiling actress…


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