Notes towards “Les noces d’Hérodiade: Mystère”

from Mallarmé


the ambiguity of Hé-
rodiade and of her

         she masters this
rebellious head
                 which wanted
to think more highly
where the idea is extinguished
unprecedented and rich



from which she benefits
covered in diamonds
                   and dying
evokes the human
beauty of life
which cannot be surpassed
at the same time that she
represents the old


she leans to one
side — to the other —
                   showing one
breast — the other —
               and scission
                             with no gossamer

according to this breast, that one


and having done that — one
foot upon the other,
         both feet
                       upon carpet
a kind of dance
dreadful   sketch
     — and fixed to the spot, without
             — null place


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