Gérard de Nerval: Sonnets

New from RunAmok Press, Gérard de Nerval: Sonnets, translated by Peter Manson. 52pp A5, £5 inc. post in UK, £8 overseas. Many thanks to Andy Spragg and Jimmy Cummins for publishing, and to Matt Buchanan for designing the book. [Edit 5 June 2023: the first edition sold out, but a reprint is now available from RunAmok.]

Cover image of Gérard de Nerval: Sonnets, translated by Peter Manson.  The cover is an image by Peter Manson, based on a famous photograph of Nerval by Félix Nadar, but with a very old headshot of Peter Manson clumsily superimposed at 50% transparency.

Poems in Trilobite

I have four poems (from the sequence self-avoiding space-filling curve) in the first issue of the online journal Trilobite, edited by Paul Vogel and designed by Samuel Helgeson. Thanks to both. The other contributors are Drew Boston, cris cheek, Tom Hibbard, Alice Ladrick, Jonny Lohr, Karen Pava Randall and Giorgia Pavlidou.

Poems in Mop Mop

I have work (“Disappointing footnotes to Adjunct”, “Three sonnets from the Italian of John Milton”, and “two poems from self-avoiding space-filling curve”) in the first issue of the journal Mop Mop, edited by Cato van Schaik and Phil Baber in Amsterdam, and designed by Elisabeth Rafstedt and Johanna Ehde of Rietlanden Women’s Office. It also includes work by Amy De’Ath, Michael Tedja, Ryan Dobran, Anne Vegter (translated by Astrid Alben), Verity Spott and Maria Barnas. You need to email them to buy a copy: it’s €12,50 + post, and the address can be found here: https://perdu.nl/nl/boekhandel/

Mallarmé translation in COIN

I have a translation of Mallarmé’s prose text “Or” (“Gold”) in COIN, one of four pamphlets in the FOUR LETTER WORD PROJECT (HEAT – RENT – GRUB – COIN) put together by nicky melville and Interview Room 11 in Edinburgh. It includes work by Rob Kiely, Vicky Sparrow, Calum Rodger, Gloria Dawson, Julie Johnstone, Harry Josephine Giles, Kirsty Dunlop and many others, with all proceeds from sales going to XR Glasgow, Living Rent, Empty Kitchens Full Hearts and The Autonomous Centre Edinburgh. https://interviewroom-11.square.site/

Mallarmé translations printed on a paper napkin

New from RunAmok Press:

New year gifts of handkerchiefs to Élisa Sosset, translated from Mallarmé by Peter Manson. Edition of 50 copies, July 2021, printed on a standard paper napkin (3-ply). £4 (includes p+p in UK). All proceeds donated to the Poet’s Hardship Fund.

Video in Pommel part 1

I have a short video, “Indonesian Fishing Chant” in episode one of the Pommel series of video screenings, hosted on Youtube by Nottingham Contemporary. Other contributors include Dylan Nyoukis & Karen Constance, Yeah You, Sophie Yung, LDSN, Charmaine Lee, Stephen Crowe and Russell Walker. Thanks to Matthew Hamblin, Stephen Crowe, Lila Matsumoto and the University of Nottingham

Sharing Little Sparta eBook now available

Lichen and raindrops on the Ian Hamilton Finlay artwork Hic Iacet Parvulum Quoddam Ex Aqua Longiore Excerptum

The Little Sparta Trust has published an eBook based on the blog posts I made during my Sharing Little Sparta residency in 2016.  The eBook can be read online at ISSUU, and also downloaded as a (large) pdf file.  Many thanks to Lynne Maclagan, George Gilliland, and to the Estate of Ian Hamilton Finlay.